• Memories from the 2005-2006 school year in Room 12!
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    Quilting our own Room 12 "Patchwork Quilt".
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    We couldn't have done it without our helpers and teamwork!
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    We wonder if anyone else has ever sewn paper before.
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    If you get a chance to visit our school, the quilt is hanging right outside our classroom door.
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    Waltzing in music! (And to think it all started with that multiplication CD.)
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    "1-2-3, 1-2-3"
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    "Let's see, do I go forward or back?"
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    Look out "Dancing with the Stars" here we come!
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    Our "guest presenter" enriches our learning by sharing her experise on exporting. A social studies extension on "Work, Money, and Our Ecomony".
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    Guided Reading - Partner Reading - What story were we sharing? Use the "graphics" to help you remember!
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    Who is the popular author of this children's series? E-mail the answer or write it on a piece of paper and bring it in for two duck stamps?
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