• The term "homeless children and youth"

    (A) means individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence and

    (B) includes—

    (i) children and youth who are sharing the housing of other persons due to loss of housing, economic hardship, or a similar reason (doubled up); are living in motels, hotels, trailer parks, or camp grounds due to the lack of alternative accommodations; are living in emergency or transitional shelters; are abandoned in hospitals;

    (ii) children and youth who have a primary nighttime residence that is a public or private place not designed for, or ordinarily used as, a regular sleeping accommodation for human beings;

    (iii) children and youth who are living in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations, or similar settings;

    (iv) migratory children who qualify as homeless for the purposes of this subtitle because the children are living in circumstances described in clauses (i) through (iii).

    Adequate: meets the physical and emotional needs found in home environments **no utilities, infested with mold or vermin, dangers, lacks a basic functional part such as a working toilet or kitchen.

    Unaccompanied homeless youth~includes a homeless child or youth not in the physical custody of a parent or guardian.