Amy Sager  - President

    Jason McCulley - Vice President

    Angela Koontz - Secretary

    Heather Trent

    Jessica Oliver

    Shane Neuman

    Dan Coomer

    To email questions or comments to all board members, click the following link:  schoolboard@fairfieldcolts.com


    The following board members have completed Leadership Training (mandatory four-hour board member training requirement of P.A. 097-0008 instruction in labor law, financial oversight and accountability and fiduciary responsibilities)
    Jason McCulley
    Angie Koontz 
    Amy Sager
    Shane Neuman
    Dan Coomer
    FY 22 Board Meeting Dates


    Diana Zurliene - Interim Superintendent

    April Smith - Principal - Center Street

    Kristina Gardner - Principal - North Side

    Rhonda Clark - Assistant Principal/Technology Coordinator


    Fairfield 112 strives to empower students to achieve eyond their potential by inspiring, engaging, and motivating them to become the leaders of tomorrow.