• Due to major construction at Northside during the 11-12 school year the habitat area has been removed from the playground. 

  • The schoolyard habitat at North Side School was originally designed by third graders in 1997. It was constructed by the custodial staff at the school. Funds to build and maintain the habitat come from local Wal-Mart environmental grants, community businesses and clubs, and an ongoing aluminum can collection project conducted at the school. The habitat is certified by the National Wildlife Federation and the Illinois Audubon as a "Bird & Butterfly" sanctuary.
  • 17571/p473039468_20114.jpg
    Time for "rennovations"! The lumber arrives and the Ducks of '07-'08 help to unload. The size of the new habitat will be almost double!
  • Teamwork!
  • 17571/p196475897_20118.jpg
    Helping out all we can.
  • 17571/p781369959_20119.jpg
    Here is where Mr. Kenny will set cornerpost #1.
  • 17571/p488106682_20121.jpg
    Measuring off the outside boundaries.
  • Visit us again soon to see the continued progress of our rennovations!
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    The habitat is currently "under construction" for real! After 11 years we are preparing to do some much needed renovation. Watch for pictures as soon as construction begins!