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    Third Grade Memories! Go Ducks!
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    Extension activites from our whale unit. Here we are drawing our whales for the measurment activity in the hall.
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    The "Blubber Experiment". How long can you hold you hand in the freezing water?
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    Blubber or No Blubber? How important is it to the whale in winter?
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    Measuring whales smallest to largest. Anyone remember which is the smallest? Largest?
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    Ducks "teamwork" at its best!
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    What a "cool" way to learn!
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    Scientist at work!
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    Baking Soda + Vinegar =
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    Lava at its best!
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    Maybe not as good as a Ms. Frizzle field trip, but learning in Room 12 was fun today!
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    Another eruption!
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    After several minutes of erupting we can report no major damage!
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    Practicing our math facts!
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    Partner practice makes for great learning!
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    The chorus of the "boom whackers"!
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    And . . . the voices of the children make for beautiful music!
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    What was the "name" of that song?
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    Let's see . . . the name of that song had something to do with . . .? Well, we may not know the name of the song, but we can sing it for you!
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    "Show me READING!"
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    "Show me LISTENING!"
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